Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sick n Tired Of Dead Beat Dad!

I'm tired of my wifes ex-husband (dead-beat-dad) waiting three months then paying the minimum on his child support. Deadbeats like Jerry in Missouri know the system and use it. Then he picks her up on days when he thinks it's good for his image to see his daughter. I know for sure he'll be daddy on his birthday, Easter, Christmas, and any other event days. He is a wanna be a rock star. He is 30 and he still hasn't hit it big. He will waste his money on Guitars and Amps, but he will only pay minimum on child support every three months before a warrant is issued. He doesn't maintain any insurance on her, he doesn't save any money for her college, he is just an all around dirt bag that needs medication because he can't face life without it. He gets depressed. If he would just get off his fat ass and get a real job. I'm disturbed by this lazy bum. He needs to be a man. He isn't a good role-model. He dyes his hair orange cause he is gray at 32 and talks about poking guys in the rear jokingly. He says "I hit his wife". The truth is I had my finger in his face and as I lowered my hand she was standing so close to me a water bottle in her hand was bumped and she lost her grip. Did Jerry do anything about it? Hell no, he is not a daddie, a husband, or a man; but a sissy that can only play video games. He flees to Canada to avoid paying child support, his Canadian wife pays his back pay so he can come back to the USA just long enough to give daughter false hope. Then he gets on My Space and Guitar Forum Madison Square Bedroom and says how he wants to feed starving kids in Africa. Ladies and Step-dads would you like to add to this? Sic-n-tired of Jerry's whinning, medicated, no-rock-star, mom and dad kicked him out of the house, staying with some other guy (sucker) waiting to figure out Jerry is a moochn, free-loadn, looser. Sincerely CharlesW in SE Missouri picking up Jerry's slackn Fat Arse.